Tech Support

For Our Existing Clients

managed services

Tech Support

If you are a Pund-IT Managed Services or Professional Services client, this page is designed to help you easily open a service ticket with our team.

Remote Support

If you are working with a technician, and are trying to start a remote support session, please click the link below.


Connect to Remote Support

How to Contact the Service Desk

Telephone: (519) 342-4004, option “3” for support.

Information Needed

  • We will be able to help you faster and more efficiently if you have the following information ready. (Please!)
  • Username, location, asset tag of the device and where & how to contact user in case of a problem
  • A description of the problem
  • Any error messages (including error numbers)
  • What activity was being undertaken at the time the problem occurred?
  • The specific software application(s) and versions
  • Any changes made recently
  • A description of your request or question and any relevant details