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Tech Support

For Our Existing Clients

Tech-Support is our bread and butter, and you know that. If you are a Pund-IT Managed Services or Professional Services client, this page is designed to help you easily open a service ticket with our team.

The Support Process

Regarding Tech Support: whenever possible, always email. All email should be sent to support@pund-it.ca. If the issue is time-sensitive, please also call and speak with us. 

Depending on the Severity Level, different resolution times and initial responses are necessary. For Urgent matters, please make sure that you accompany your email with a call. For Routine/Non-Urgent matters, an email will suffice. We are always quick to respond. 

Remote Support

Remote Tech Support is always an option and provides fast and effective solutions for a myriad of issues. Pund-IT Professional Services Clients receive efficient support at all hours of the day. We provide 24/7 expertise, and always make sure that our clients have what they need to keep their business a well-run machine.

How to Contact the Service Desk

Telephone: (519) 342-4004, option “3” for support.

Information Needed

  • We will be able to help you faster and more efficiently if you have the following information ready. (Please!)
  • Username, location, asset tag of the device and where & how to contact user in case of a problem
  • A description of the problem
  • Any error messages (including error numbers)
  • What activity was being undertaken at the time the problem occurred?
  • The specific software application(s) and versions
  • Any changes made recently
  • A description of your request or question and any relevant details
  • You can also reach out via our contact page if you’re having any trouble

Ticket and Account Information Portal

If you need to view tickets and various information pertaining to your account, we can configure access, upon request, to our account portal.

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