Pund-IT strives to provide & support best-in-class products and services to meet your needs throughout all stages of technology lifecycle. As technology and business needs evolve, there will be cases were older products and technologies no longer meet market requirements, therefore periodically, it becomes necessary to end the support of certain products.

Pund-IT rarely removes products from Managed Service Support. However, please note that we are phasing out support for Acronis Backup Products, as the product has proven to be unreliable, even when under full support from Acronis Tech Support. The product refuses to backup for days on end, requires service work that interrupts business, and has lost backup. This is the case across multiple clients, on multiple versions of the product, and has accumulated days of time on the phone with vendor support experts. It has become plain fact that the product has no hope for improving, and should be retired.

If you are a client currently running Acronis, it should not be news that the product is problematic; what may be news is the scope of the issue that we see across the board. Please note the following:

If you have an active Acronis Support Contract with Acronis, we recommend that you do not renew your contract. However, for as long as your contract lasts, we will continue to fully support Acronis installation with our Managed Services Labour. Once the current contract anniversary passes, Acronis support will only be available from us on a Time and Materials basis.  Labour to install a replacement backup product would be covered under Managed Services.

If you do not have an active Acronis Support Contract, please note that Managed Services Labour is only covered for software that is under support from the vendor of the software; Pund-IT has discretion on this point. We will provide a grace period from this point forward, after which all Acronis Support will be available only on a Time and Materials basis.

We strongly believe that it is in no ones best interest to continue backing up their business with Acronis backup.  More than two years ago, we transitioned to StorageCraft Shadow Protect as our standard backup solution. We now have an extensive track record with this product that allows us to say with confidence that it is a far more consistent, reliable, and supportable product that will do a much better job of protecting valuable data. Competitive upgrade pricing is available to help us move forward with replacing Acronis with a replacement backup product.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding this situation.  We intend to take this opportunity to do a top-to-bottom review of how your business backs up, and to ensure you’re on a firm foundation for the future. Contact us to #TechAboutIT at 519.342.4004 x3

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