Recap: ERP & Technology for 2016

By November 27, 2015Blog

Pund-IT and Six S Partners invited members of the community to come out to our first (but definitely not the last, woo!) learning seminar on “ERP & Technology for 2016” to share insightful business strategies, ERP, trends, predictions and perspectives on the IT movement.

On November 18, 2015, attendees trickled into the picturesque Hacienda Sarria at 8.30am, eager to hear about ERP & Technology for 2016. The day began with a beautiful arrangement for breakfast including yogurt, homemade jams & granola, fresh fruits, and super soft pastries along with coffee & tea. After registering and mingling, the energized guests seated themselves and the seminar began with opening remarks welcoming attendees, thanking our organizers, and introducing the speakers.

Kevin Puloski, CEO of Pund-IT brought his expertise in technology and business consulting. He informed the audience that it’s necessary to move on from the old world thinking of retrofitting business functionality into an IT strategy, towards a business-focused approach where we address the following questions.

  • What do we need for the future?
  • What have we got now?
  • How do we change things to make our visions reality?
  • How do we make sure that our IT remains relevant to an evolving business?

He then went through a nine-step process of how one can ensure their business strategy aligns with their tech strategy. His final sentiments were that “one should have a clear strategy, and to remember that this nine-step plan is a continuous and iterative process.”

Ray Buchan & John Preidistch of Six S Partners, with backgrounds in providing the best in class ERP consulting and services to leverage customers ERP investments dived into all things ERP. Ray and John advise you to look into ERP if you have not already done so as it could do your business wonders. They event went into a full EPICOR demonstration and it was, for the lack of better words, mesmerizing.

The day ended with testimonials from representatives from Athletica and peopleCare on their experience with an EPICOR system and why they invested in technology, respectively. The audience was full of questions and energy, inspired by all the tips and information gathered throughout the seminar.

 If you missed the event but would have liked to learn more on ERP & Technology for 2016, give us a call and we can #TechAboutIT.