Last week, we had the pleasure of having representatives of ShadowProtect present during our lunch & learn to get us up to date with their software. Hear are some exciting new features that will allow you to concentrate on your tasks at hand with out having all the worry of loosing your data.

SPX quickly and efficiently creates sector-level backup images of Windows or Linux systems, including the operating system, applications, services, configuration settings, and data volumes. For Linux systems, a StorageCraft-built snapshot driver ensures you swiftly get a solid backup every time. For Windows systems, we leverage Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure solid backups, and our proprietary snapshot driver StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Manager (VSM) makes sure those backups happen fast.

  • Provide disaster recovery, data protection, and system migration.
  • Single cross-platform solution that protects the entire IT environment, whether its windows or Linux, virtual or physical.
  • Supports a variety of virtual machines including (VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, and more).
  • Can encrypt your backup jobs to protect them.
  • Recover a file or folder by mounting a point-in-time backup image from the image-chain browser.
  • Able to rapidly boot a backup image as a virtual machine with VirtualBoot (free after purchase of SPX).
  • Allows testing meaning you can boot a backup image to a virtual machine with VirtualBoot to test whether your restored system would be able to function properly.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new software, please click here

– Christopher Strasser

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