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At Pund-IT, we are constantly searching for the best cybersecurity solutions for our clients.  We’re thrilled to introduce AnzenDNS, powered by DNSFilter, as the latest addition to our suite of technology services designed to protect and propel your business into the future.

Why AnzenDNS?

Due to new technologies and advancements in areas like AI, Online threats are more advanced and targeted than ever. AnzenDNS offers an interesting type of real-time protection against these threats, by detecting a breaking the network names that malware depends on.  As far as the bad guys can tell, your internet is broken, and as far as you are concerned, everything is working fine.

As a bonus, the solution can also work as a general web filter, ensuring that sites which are not productive for your business are also blocked.

How Does AnzenDNS Work? 

AnzenDNS operates by leveraging the simple-yet-powerful DNS (Domain Name System) that your computer depends on to find sites on the internet.  When a user attempts to access a website, AnzenDNS checks the request against its vast database of categorized websites and malware servers.  When a site is recognized as harmful or not aligned with your company’s policies it’s blocked, effectively cutting it off at knees, regardless of whether your local anti-virus agent has detected it.

This DNS protection uses machine learning, and has a vast network of data sources, enabling AnzenDNS to respond to new threats fast.  This approach ensures that AnzenDNS blocks known malicious sites and can predict and prevent access to newly emerging threats.

Designed with Pund-IT’s Core Values in Mind

Reflecting on our brand’s core values, AnzenDNS embodies our commitment to clear communication, success, and teamwork. It simplifies complex security tasks, allowing your business to operate smoothly without needing in-depth technical knowledge. This means you can focus on what you do best, content in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure is protected by a solution that’s effective, approachable, and professional.

Join Pund-IT in Giving Back

We’ve launched a year-round food drive; we invite you to join us in collecting canned food and non-perishable items to support those in need. You can drop off donations at our office, or if you cannot come to us, we’re happy to arrange a pickup from your office upon request.  Or, of course, directly to your local Food Bank – many Grocery Stores have donation bins right at checkout.

We believe that food banks have a high impact on our communities—according to the Waterloo Food Bank, every dollar provides about three meals, and we know that being fed is one of the most fundamental things to succeeding at just about anything else.


AnzenDNS , powered by the advanced technology of DNSFilter, represents market leading DNS protection that can make your network a safer and better place.  Contact Pund-IT today to learn more about AnzenDNS and our community initiatives.

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