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At Pund-IT, we recognize that cybersecurity is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’ve tailored the Anzen Series—a suite of security services that cater to diverse needs and enhance the resilience of your business. Let’s dive into each product in the Anzen Series and understand how they contribute to a more secure business environment.

AnzenDNS (powered by DNSFilter)

Advanced Web Content Management: AnzenDNS offers robust DNS layer filtering, protecting your employees from online threats and inappropriate content, ensuring a productive internet environment.

Cutting-Edge Online Threat Protection: Recognized for its efficacy in DNS filtering, AnzenDNS excels in blocking ransomware, phishing, and botnets, securing your digital landscape proactively.

Seamless Data Management: With SIEM integration, AnzenDNS facilitates real-time DNS query data transmission, enabling comprehensive data analysis and enhancing security responsiveness.

AnzenXDR (powered by SentinelOne)

AI-Powered Security: Utilizing advanced AI, AnzenXDR detects and responds to threats in real time, providing robust protection against both known and emerging threats.

Automated Responses: AnzenXDR’s automation capabilities ensure immediate neutralization of threats, with features for one-click remediation and rollback to reverse malicious activities.

Comprehensive Protection: By covering every endpoint, AnzenXDR offers a multi-layered defense, ensuring complete security coverage for your organization.

AnzenTraining (powered by BullPhish)

Employee Empowerment: Equip your team with the skills to be the first line of defense against phishing, enhancing threat identification and mitigation capabilities.

Customized Learning Experiences: Personalized training modules and hands-on practice through a user-friendly portal educate employees on various phishing tactics effectively.

Proactive Defense Mechanism: Real-world phishing simulations prepare employees to recognize and respond to threats, significantly enhancing organizational security.

AnzenEdge (powered by Edgewave/GoSecure)

Zero-Minute Defense: AnzenEdge’s Zero-Minute Defense combines automated intelligence with round-the-clock human analysis to instantly create new rules that halt emerging threats, ensuring your network remains protected in real time.

Multi-Layered Security Approach: Using a multi-layered security strategy, AnzenEdge features inbound scanning, adaptive threat detection, email behaviour analysis, and advanced malware protection to defend against a wide spectrum of cyber threats.

Customizable Reporting and Alerts: Offers customizable reporting options that provide comprehensive insights into both inbound and outbound traffic, along with configurable alerts to streamline day-to-day network management.

AnzenSentinel (powered by BarracudaSentinel)

Targeted Attack Protection: AnzenSentinel specializes in defending against phishing and targeted attacks, ensuring high-level security for sensitive communications.

Real-time Threat Detection: Utilizes cutting-edge technology to identify and block malicious actions before they can impact your business.

Enhanced Email Security: Provides additional layers of security to guard against advanced email threats, protecting your communications from evolving cyber risks.

AnzenFW (powered by Barracuda Firewall)

Network Defense: AnzenFW secures your network periphery with state-of-the-art firewall technology, alongside its multi-layered defense against the most sophisticated cyber threats. Global Threat Intelligence: Keeps you ahead of emerging threats using Barracuda’s global threat intelligence for real-time protective insights.

Simplified Security Management:  Offers detailed settings to tailor the firewall protection to your specific business needs, enhancing your overall security posture.

The Anzen Series by Pund-IT empowers your organization with tailored, state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions. Each component of the series is designed to address specific security needs, ensuring that your business remains resilient against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. We look forward to continuing to serve and protect your business with our innovative solutions.

Contributing Beyond Cybersecurity

As part of our commitment to the community, Pund-IT continues its year-round food drive to support families in Kitchener. We invite you to drop off canned food and non-perishable items at our office, or contact us for pick-up arrangements. Remember, the big pick-up day is September 27th, 2024—let’s make a significant impact together!

Looking forward to more years of serving you well,

The Pund-IT Team

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