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What is a Cyber Risk?

Introduction   As technology improves, while beneficial, has also brought about a significant increase in cyber threats. Recent studies, including the IBM Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Cost of Data Breach study, reveal that cyber incidents have impacted 21% of Canadian businesses, with the average data breach costing approximately $4.5 million USD. That’s a lot of money […]

IT Myths We Hear To Often

Computers are among the most complicated and subtle things humans have ever made, so people need habits, myths and rules of thumb to help keep from being overwhelmed.  Some of those myths can lead us astray, and here we present a mix of corporate and personal myths for your interest! Myth 1:  Macs Don’t Get […]

Steed Standard Transport (SST) – A Century of Family-Owned Excellence

Pund-IT has the privilege of working with great companies and kind staff; the Client Feature is a chance to celebrate fellow clients and their work. This month, we invite you to step into the world of Steed Standard Transport (SST), a family-owned business that has been an integral part of Stratford for over a century.  […]

Data Recovery & Backups

Business is built on data.  There was a time when having copies of data was hard – a few strategic fires in the ancient world and middle ages wiped out detailed records of untold generations of human history. With digital data and networks, our options for making copies, in different ways, and putting them in […]

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Maintaining strong cybersecurity measures is vital; truly keeping pace with what is happening in security everyday is a challenge even for dedicated security professionals – this is why for ordinary folks, it’s so important to take heed of the distilled recommendations that can be easily implemented, and have a big impact on overall risk. Large […]

Password Managers

No doubt you’ve heard the advice – “Always use different passwords for everything.”  Many have wondered – how?  There are so many sites! Password Managers exist to help you have unique, strong, passwords for all your online sites. Most of us are not specifically interesting to the bad guys, but those bad guys run highly […]

Cyber Security Awareness/Phishing Training

In computer security, people are often the weak link that allow cybercriminals to by-pass otherwise robust and sophisticated computer security.  Indeed, why spend days working through tedious pages of computer code, when you might easily trick someone who already has access into just letting you in? It is no surprise, therefore, that many cybercriminals focus […]

CES Highlights 2023

If you’re tech enthusiasts like us here at Pund-IT, you’ve probably heard of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show. Held annually in Las Vegas, CES is one of the world’s largest gatherings of technology companies, innovators, and enthusiasts. Each year, CES showcases the latest and greatest in consumer electronics, from cutting-edge smartphones and laptops to virtual […]

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is a comprehensive productivity and collaboration suite of software and services offered by Microsoft. Comprising a wide range of globally used applications, including Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, which are among the most popular. However, many users often overlook the plethora of features that are available. […]

Tips & Tricks for Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is what Pund-IT runs on its cloud-based office applications, and is used by literally billions of people around the globe.  With crucial applications such as Gmail, Chat, Meet, Chrome, Docs, Drive, and more, there are many great features that may go unnoticed during daily use.  We have put together a […]